4个方法科学吃零食 减肥不发胖
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Snacks have been seen as natural enemies of MM, and of course they do not enjoy the pleasure of snacking. But there are also some MMs who want to lose weight like snacks and are forced to help themselves. Is there a good way to eat snacks and lose weight? Experts from Wan Shui Tang TCM health care network have given several suggestions based on years of research.



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1, healthy snacks with low calories



We eat meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and soy products in our daily diet, so as to maintain a balanced nutrition. For snacks, we should not only pay attention to its calorie value, but also very important nutrition. Low calorie snacks can relieve our appetite and reduce heat absorption. And some slightly higher calories but more nutritious snacks, such as nuts, can also bring us some slimming help, just pay attention to the amount of food can be.



2. Record daily snacks.



We can also make a comprehensive record of all the snacks we eat every day except dinner, so that we can find out how much calories and nutrients we absorb, and then make the right adjustments, such as changing the wrong snacks or avoiding them. In fact, a lot of times, we will subconsciously eat a lot of things, and they are not aware of, so it is very important to keep a detailed record. For example, when and under what circumstances we eat what snacks, so as to correct the symptoms.



3, prevention of snack addiction



In fact, in many cases, snacks are not just because we have hunger, and sometimes boredom or stress or even physical effects can make us crave snacks. So in order to avoid absorbing these unnecessary calories, we should develop good and healthy habits in peacetime. Don't stay up late, fix the dinner time, adjust the pressure of work, cultivate their interests and hobbies, and take regular exercise. Stick to it, and you will find that you eat fewer snacks.



4, learn to eat snacks properly.



There are many kinds of snacks, and some snacks can actually help us lose weight. For example, yogurt, fruit and vegetable salad, its calorie is very low, not only can provide adequate nutrition for the body, but also can effectively remove intestinal detoxification, eliminate edema, healthy weight loss. And snack time is also very fastidious, generally in the two hours before meals to eat some more nutritious and full of snacks, you can effectively avoid us because of excessive hunger and eat special meals in the meal, so it is very helpful to control the absorption of calories.



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The best time to eat snacks



1, eating sweets before sports can replenish the energy needed.



Exercise requires a lot of physical energy, energy, and exercise before the inappropriate meal, when appropriate dessert, you can quickly provide the body's energy needs.



2, eat sweet food when tired and hungry.



Fatigue and hunger when eating sweets quickly supplement physical and physical excess consumption will cause energy deficiency in the body, resulting in fatigue. Sugar in desserts can be absorbed faster than other foods, increasing heat energy in the body and quickly replenish physical strength.



3, eating sweets before swimming helps to enhance physical strength.



If you swim in a hungry state, eating some sweets beforehand will help you build up your strength. 4, eat sweets when dizziness and nausea.



When dizziness and nausea eat sweets to help restore health at this time the physical weakness, eat some sweet soup can improve blood sugar, enhance disease resistance, is conducive to restore health.



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5, eating sweets during out-patient surgery promotes physical recovery.



General local anesthesia or no anesthetic is necessary to cause pain to patients. If you drink some sugar water or eat some chocolate before and after surgery, you can timely supplement the loss of heat and promote physical recovery.



6, when eating too greasy, a cup of celery juice can burn fat.



If you eat more greasy food in a meal, drinking a cup of celery juice with low sugar and high cellulose content is beneficial. Cellulose in celery can take away some fat.



7, eating instant noodles after eating fruit helps digestion.



Eat instant noodles after eating a little fruit, such as apples, strawberries, oranges, kiwifruit, etc., can effectively compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals. In addition, we advocate instant noodles for cooking. Boiled noodles are softer, which helps the intestines absorb moisture and help digestion.